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Behind the Redesign: Great Design + Smart Marketing


What Does It Look Like When You 3-D Print Music?

An Introduction to the HTML5 Structural Elements

Another great article about new elements in HTML5

Working with the HTML5 canvas in web projects

Another great article and introduction to the new canvas functionality in HTML5.

Building responsive web designs with Adobe Edge Reflow

Interesting article and introduction to a tool that could turn out to be highly useful for websites that need to be available on a variety of screen sizes.

Adobe Dreamweaver CS6: Embedding video in HTML5

I must say I really enjoy Dreamweaver when working on websites. I have a background in computer science, and I love the perks of working in an IDE. 

Animating interactive experiences with CSS

Interesting article, and good start at using keyframes built into CSS3

Horizontal Navigation JQuery Code

This looks like a great way to get your horizontal navigation to spread across the whole active are of your page.

Shadows in Typography, Then and Now

Another nice blast from the past, and some nice tips/reminders about typography.

Quick Tip: Beautiful Web Typography Is Now Easy!

The link to the google web fonts tutorial for those who don’t want to read the previous article. 🙂

Good article, and I look forward to getting to know the tool better.