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Print to Web Series: Product Catalogs Go Digital


Web Hosting 101, part 3: Hosting Services & Plans

Upcoming project and research

I’m finishing up another semester so there will soon be a new video either on the site or linked to the site. This is a video I created over 2 semesters while learning Maya. In the meantime, I’ll be starting to do research for my two semester long capstone project. I’ll be posting articles and thoughts on storytelling theory and animation. This will be a bit of a topic change, but I’ll keep the design and business posts coming as I find them.

Office Negotiation Strategies

Some great tips, and good resources on workplace negotiations.

48 Things Every Good Boss Needs to Know

I absolutely loved these 48 things. Unfortunately it has been my experience that most managers are nothing like this. I’m sure the good ones are out there, and I hope to be one of the good ones some day.

5 Creative Workspaces in the Eastern U.S.

Here are some more great workspaces. 

5 Creative Workspaces in the Western U.S.

I really enjoyed seeing these workspaces. Gives me some ideas for setting up my own work and living spaces.

Celebrating Great Client Quotes

This was an amusing article and the art work was amusing fun. Please click through on the link to see the rest of the design humor.

Display Font: Futuracha

This looks like a very elegant and flowing font. I can’t wait to experiment with it.

Designing Backwards

Great article and nice way to think about design. It makes sense.