Monthly Archives: March 2013

How to Run Creative Meetings that Don’t Suck

Some good advice on holding meetings.


15 Awesome Examples of Web Typography

Some typography inspiration.

Horizontal Navigation JQuery Code

This looks like a great way to get your horizontal navigation to spread across the whole active are of your page.

Student Jumps on B&WAGON

This was a great idea, look forward to seeing more even though I didn’t figure most of them out. 

Q & A with Color Maven Jessi Arrington

Very interesting and unusual lady who loves bright colors. I’m going to need to look for more information on here and her studio WORKSHOP.


Another great article on storytelling and illustrations and how they work together. Also covers a history of writing and illustration.

I’m really enjoying this week’s article finds 🙂

Long Live Illustrated Books!

I loved this article. It falls right into line with the research I’m doing for my final capstone project for my Master’s Degree in Digital Media. I hope I can find more articles like this. Always great to be reminded of how illustration and words go hand in hand.

Shadows in Typography, Then and Now

Another nice blast from the past, and some nice tips/reminders about typography.

How I Learned Modern(ism)

Nice article on color forms, though it is a short article it is nice to see and a fun little blast of the past.

Quick Tip: Beautiful Web Typography Is Now Easy!

The link to the google web fonts tutorial for those who don’t want to read the previous article. 🙂

Good article, and I look forward to getting to know the tool better.