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First look: Adobe Photoshop Touch for iPhone and Android devices

neat article, and having some photoshop functionality on your phone would be awesome.


Horizontal Navigation JQuery Code

This looks like a great way to get your horizontal navigation to spread across the whole active are of your page.

Student Jumps on B&WAGON

This was a great idea, look forward to seeing more even though I didn’t figure most of them out.¬†

Q & A with Color Maven Jessi Arrington

Very interesting and unusual lady who loves bright colors. I’m going to need to look for more information on here and her studio¬†WORKSHOP.

Shadows in Typography, Then and Now

Another nice blast from the past, and some nice tips/reminders about typography.

How I Learned Modern(ism)

Nice article on color forms, though it is a short article it is nice to see and a fun little blast of the past.

Design Is Everywhere

Design Is Everywhere

Some great vintage artwork from luggage tags of the 20’s – 50’s.

Zapfino Arabic: A Typeface in the Making

Zapfino Arabic: A Typeface in the Making

Nice look at the typography process.

The Disturbing, Ethereal Comics of C.S. Pego, a Mexican Artist in Exile

The Disturbing, Ethereal Comics of C.S. Pego, a Mexican Artist in Exile

I found this to be an fascinating work, and inspiring art work. Hope to see more of it in the future.

John Berg

Nice little article about John Berg and some inspirational covers he did.