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HTML5 Resource

I haven’t gotten to spend much time looking at this site, but it looks like there are a lot of great tutorials and information on more than just HTML5. I hope you find it useful.


Some new technology from the design world

I know I share a lot of articles from how, but I enjoy their website and their magazines. Here are a few more short, but interesting articles, I hope you enjoy.

Sephora + Pantone = Flawless Foundation

Digital Degas

Bike Friendly Web Design

Responsive Design

Great tips for when I migrate away from the free WordPress and on to my own site where I can use CSS. Good information and great start to improving mobile device browsing.

Email Newsletter Designs

I thought this was a neat article It shows you 31 email newsletters that work well, and gives a brief explanation/review of the newsletters. Gives me lots of ideas for the future. 🙂

Web Type Revolution

Great article on the recent past and future of web fonts. I was unaware that there are now ways to use more than the standard 5-10 fonts on websites. This leaves a lot of room for playing and making your site even more unique then it already is. I will have to see if I can find out how this is accomplished sometime here in the near future.

Airline Boarding Pass Design

Very interesting that Delta did this. I have always wondered why airline boarding passes weren’t easier to read.

Overlaying Content on a web site

Great article on Overlaying content and using the background image. It also talks about z-index and provides a link to an article on z-indexing.

Web Design Critques

This was a great article, and I liked that it took the time to point out some of the flaws of the the bland design, and to point out the good things about all of the designs.

WYSIWIG challenge

Even though this article is a bit outdated, I thought it was and interesting challenge, and the author did a great job of laying out his findings. I almost want to try the challenge myself, but that will come when I’m ready to create my own website from scratch in a year or so. Maybe sooner as I might be doing a website of some sort for my capstone project.

Top 10 Mistakes of Web Design

Great article that reminded me of the web design class I took last year while earning my Masters degree. There are a lot of links to other web design tips and issues