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Storytelling articles

Here are some interesting sites I’m hoping to get back to, because they have a lot of articles on storytelling.



The Elements of Good Storytelling

This article was a great overview of storytelling, a topic I have been studying for my capstone.

It goes through the fundamentals, and explains the basics very well.


You can find more articles on storytelling by the same author by clicking on The Elements of Good Storytelling TOC


Another great article on storytelling and illustrations and how they work together. Also covers a history of writing and illustration.

I’m really enjoying this week’s article finds 🙂

Long Live Illustrated Books!

I loved this article. It falls right into line with the research I’m doing for my final capstone project for my Master’s Degree in Digital Media. I hope I can find more articles like this. Always great to be reminded of how illustration and words go hand in hand.