Monthly Archives: December 2013


This site looks as if it will have some great tutorials for a lot of different web design steps. I hope you find it useful.




Finally finished :)

Yesterday was commencement. I am finally finished with my Masters degree in Digital Media Studies. This has been both a fun and frustrating accomplishment. I am happy I had a chance to learn about graphic design, animation, and web design, and I am excited to be in a position where I can start taking my career in a slightly different direction with what I have learned. I’m hoping I can grow my own business along the way, and I’m planning on updating this blog once a week with new articles, and some of my own experiences. I’m also going to be starting a storytelling blog that I will link to this blog, which I’ll be updating it at least monthly, before I do that though I have a few things I want to add to this site. I’m looking forward to the opportunities that are coming my way.

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